Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Cheese in the House - Chevre Noir

"If Cheddar is the little black dress of Canadian Cheese, than Chevre Noir is the Chanel classic with a twist" - The Globe and Mail

This beautifully smooth cheese has now made it's way over to The Village Cheesemoger for the enjoyment of cheese lovers city wide!

Made from goat's milk, Chevre Noir is very different from other chevres because it is actually more similar to a cheddar than anything else. The white cheese is covered in two layers of black wax and has a distinctive flavor with hard, crumbly yet smooth textures.

Chèvre Noir is a true maturing cheddar - it ages gracefully. It is ripened for a minimum of one year before being sold, but can be aged for two years or longer.

As a result of the aging process, the flavors of Chèvre Noir are quite complex and rich. They range from a nutty and sweet combo with a touch of caramel in the aftertaste. A distinctive property of this fabulous cheese is the slight crunch that is detected due to lactose crystals, which provide added flavor and develop in small pockets within the cheese.

So, why not make an excuse to enjoy this classic cheese? You can pair it perfectly with a glass of ice wine, or keep it cool and casual by pairing it with a heavy malt beer. Whatever way you choose to serve it, it will be an enjoyable treat for everyone!

~ The Village Cheesemonger

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