Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cheese of the Week - Guernsey Girl

Who doesn't love a nice Greek saganaki dish? I mean, let's get serious, flaming cheese + Bread always equals a great time.

Usable in just about any salad, sandwich, with french toast or just own it's own, Guernsey Girl cheese is a cheese you can grill to perfection and pair with any meal.

Once grilled, this halloumi-style cheese is a crunchy, squeaky treat. A cheese that is made for cooking, it becomes very crispy on the outside but retains the chewy texture of fresh cheese curds. A very rich cheese that pairs perfectly with maple syrup for breakfast and a green salad for dinner.

One of The Village Cheesemonger's personal favorite picks - especially for the upcoming summer months where anything grilled fits the menu!

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